Ramhorn Snail babies hatched in 9 days

My Ramshorn snails wasted no time on depositing her eggs in the temporary plastic container as I was moving them to the new tank. I followed the development of the embryo for nine days.

Day 1: The female snail deposited 10 eggs with a transparent egg sac.  They were just white dots within the egg.

Day 2: It become somewhat transparent. All cells are undifferentiated.

Day 3: Still rounded shape but the egg become more transparent and more cell within. Rather than staying in one spot now the embryos are spinning and floating around.

Day 4: The shape of the embryos are somewhat irregular but still are generally oval shape.

Day 5: The body started to fold. The foot and shell can be distinguished.

Day 6: It’s more like a snail now.  I can clearly see the shell part and the foot. The shell look like a cap.

Day 7: More development. The some of the shells are in dpiral form. It looks like a Ramshorn now!

Day 8: Getting crowed. There is very little space left in the cell.

Day 9: The individual egg shells are broken. All baby snails are moving around within the egg sac. Later in the day, all snails break free from the globule and moving around in the container.

Continue following up with those 10 baby ramdhorn snail: 26 days after they were hatched (35 days from fertilized eggs). They laid eggs today. There are total 5 egg clusters. The size of the snails are about 3/8 of an inch.


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