DIY internal filter using submersible pump and two liter soda bottle

Aquarium filters are critical for maintaining aquarium water quality. Without an adequate filter, ammonium can accumulate. Even small amount of ammonium can be lethal to the fish. Filter also remove the excess nutrient which encourage algae grown.  Filter also mechanically remove the food waste and plant debris from the water.  It make the water crystal […]

Windowsill Aquarium

Windowsills offer plenty of sunlight for aquatic plant. It’s a great place for a small aquarium if space is limited. It’s self sustainable. The sunlight provides the energy for the algae grow which feed the aquatic animals, such as snails, shrimps and small fish. Here is my mini-aquarium at my south facing window. The aquarium […]

Aquascaping is a constantly evolving and learning process

Restarting my old hobby I was cleaning out my basement. I found out that my 10 gallon and 55 gallon tank were sitting on shelf. The were hided behind a pile of cardboard boxes fully of junkies.  Next to it are buckets of gravels and Rubbermaid tub full of aquarium equipment.  I still remembered how […]