Vallisneria Spiralis, Italian Vals

Italian are used in my Angle fish tank to block the sights from aggressive angels to milder angels

Vallisneria Spiralis, AKS Italian Vals, are excellent background plants. They do well in just about all water types and lighting.  Italian vals can grow up to two feet tall.  You can cut the leaves to any height without damaging the plant which make them suitable for shorter tank (less than one foot tall). The Italian vals are mostly green. Under strong light, they my display copper, purple red to purple in color.

Italian vals are used as background plants in my 55 Gallon community tank.

They provide great hide out for my Red Cherry Shrimps

Italian Vals in my guppy/Pleco tank.

Planting Italian vals: Planting Italian val up to the base of the leaves into the substrate, Planting the plant too deep may cause the Vals to melt. They are not picky about the substrate but they grow much better with enriched substrates.  They are mostly root feeder but also absorb some nutrient from water column. The plants are propagate by sending out runners on or just below the surface of the substrate.

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