Windowsill Aquarium

Windowsills offer plenty of sunlight for aquatic plant. It’s a great place for a small aquarium if space is limited. It’s self sustainable. The sunlight provides the energy for the algae grow which feed the aquatic animals, such as snails, shrimps and small fish.

Here is my mini-aquarium at my south facing window. The aquarium is a actually an food container purchased from Target.  I placed the organic potting soil first then top-dressed with gravel (about one inch deep each). I press tiger lily bulb into the gravel then dropped two different types of moss: java moss and an unknown land moss collected from park.

Who else lives in the windowsill aquarium?

Red Cherry Shrimp

Ramshorn Snail

A ramshorn snail baby on the land moss. The original foliage of the land moss melted away but the new shoots are growing.

Moina (closely related to the better known water flee, Daphnia)

Tips for keeping the algae in control in a windowsill aquarium:

  1. Keep algae organisms in the aquarium, such as snails, shrimp and Daphnia
  2. Start with plenty of plants to deplete the nutrient for the algae.



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