Red Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina davidi) Breeding Journal

Red cherry shrimp is very colorful and easy to breed shrimp.  Everyone knows that the color of the shrimp will develop over the lift time and it takes about 2 to 3 month to produce a new generation. In this post, I am recording the size and color of the shrimp developed over time.

This is where it started with a berried fire red cherry shrimp.

Berried Red Cherry Shrimp Photo
Day -1 (5/17/2019) Berried Red Cherry Shrimp. The eyes of the shrimplet within the egg are clearly visible.
Day 1 (5/18/2019) Red cherry shrimp babies were born. They are not actively at all. Most of them are clinging to the sponge filter. Most of them are pale white


Day 7 (5/25/2019) one week old, Most shrimp develop red color (mostly translucent orange). They are moving around the tank and eating the Crab Cuisine that I feed. The size is about 1/16 inch.
Day 14 (6/2/2019). Two weeks old. Almost double in size to about 2/16 in. Developed more red color.
Day 21 (6/9/2019). Three weeks old. Size is about 4/16 in.
Day 28 (6/16/2019) Four weeks old. the color is amazing. most of the shrimp developed deep red colored dots all over their bodies.  The size is approximately 6/16 in. They eat a lot. I have to feed 3 pallets everyday now.
Day 34 (6/23/2019, approx 5 weeks). They are about 7/16 inch long.
The colony is swarming for the first time. They were swimming like crazy in figure 8 path.
Found some molts in the tank. Expect this will be going on for several days as they were born approximately the same time.

Day 42 (6 weeks, 6/30/2019) most of them are above 1/2 in long. Gradually see some sex differences but still hard to confirm without a saddle.

Day 51 (7/9/2019) seeing the saddle on female for the first sign.

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