Tips for Caring Your Ramshorn Snails

Ramshorn snails are common fresh water snails.  They have different variantes; pink, red, blue, brown or leopard.   They are active, fun to watch and very useful too.  Ramshorn snails eat all kinds of algae, uneaten food, fish waste and decaying plant matter.  They are the best cleanup crew for your aquarium.   Despite easy to be care for, here are a few tips to keep them (and your aquarium) healthier:

  • Fortify your aquarium water with calcium rich substrate, such as crushed coral or provide calcium supplements in their diet if your water is soft. Shell erosion is a good sign of calcium deficiency.
  • Check the ingredient of your aquarium fertilizer and make that these is no copper. Invertebrates, like snails, have very low tolerance of copper.
  • Ramshorn snails are good community snails.  They don’t harm other tank mates or eat live plants but aggressive fish might eat or harass them.
  • Control breeding: do not overfeed. The more you feed the faster they grow and the faster they reproduce.  Remove uneaten food five minutes after feeding. That will ensure that they will have nothing to eat other than the algae.
  • They have higher bio-load than other types of invertebrates, like shrimps.  Twenty percent weekly water change is recommended.
  • What if they are over populated your aquarium?
    • Bait them and remove them from the aquarium. They make nice treats for puffers, loaches and turtles.
    • Put several assassin snails in the aquarium.

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