Dwarf hairgrass dry start method

Eleocharis Parvula (Dwarf hairgrass) is a grass-like, easy carpet foreground plant for fish tanks and aquariums. It’s also known as Dwarf Spikerush and Dwarf Hairgrass. It can be found in shallow freshwaters with plenty of access to light.  When growing above water, it has a very small head or spike of flowers only a few millimeters long. It can easily propagate through runners and create a lawn in the aquascape.  The plant will shrive in high light and nutrient rich substrate.  Under strong light, it will gradually form a thick carpet.

My previous experience with dwarf hair grass has been less than ideal.  The reason is that I did not have enough plant to cover the substrate, I ended up with lots of algae growing on the substrate.  One way to do it to buy lots of hair glass but I don’t have that budget.  The alternative is using dry start method. Here is how I do it.

1. Preparation: Start with a 20 gallon long aquarium with cover.  I use growing matt under the aquarium to speed up the growing speed.  I spread around 2/3 inch of Miracle-Gro organic raid bed soil. Wet the soil so to make it damp.  The light is a 26w hyger full spectrum aquarium light.

2. Planting: Staring by separating the dwarf hair grass into small lumps and use tweezers to insert the hair grass into the substrate. I leave the light on for 12 hours a day.  Mist water when the soil starting to dry.

day 1

45 days

3. Flooding.  I start flooding at 60 days since the initial planting.

Blue green algae is growing on the surface.

Gradually flood the tank at 2 inch per day.

Treating blue green algae by Erythromycin

Adding shrimp and Daphnia

Flooding complete, adding floating plants.

4. Transplants to other tanks

Harvest and rinse

Separate into several clumps

Planting the carpet.

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