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Restarting my old hobby

I was cleaning out my basement. I found out that my 10 gallon and 55 gallon tank were sitting on shelf. The were hided behind a pile of cardboard boxes fully of junkies.  Next to it are buckets of gravels and Rubbermaid tub full of aquarium equipment.  I still remembered how I got into this hobby.  It seems to be forgotten for a long time because of the busy live after moving into my new home.  Now that kids are all grown up and the pace of live seems to be slow down quite a bit. I was thinking about restarting my old hobby.

Setup 10 gallon tank

I wanted to have keep planted shrimp tank.  I started out pool filtered sand as substrate, a main wonderstone rock and a few plants.  Staurogyne Repens on the foreground and  Vallisneria spiralis (Italian Val) as the background. I tied up Java moss on a piece of rock and tree branches.  The branches is from a dead oak tree.  That’s my initial set up.  Couple weeks later, I introduced some ghost shrimps to cycle the tank.

A month later, I introduced the Red Cherry Shrimp and Otocinclaus Catfish.  I replace the Wonderstone rock with milk quartz. The pH seems to drop a little. I also added Alternanthera Reineckii Mini to add color, Marimo mass over rocks and water wisteria to the left corner.  Hopefully, it will cover the equipment after it’s fully grown.

The plants were growing well at all with sand substrate.  Another month later, I re-scaping the tank over with organic potting soil with sand over the top. Adding a few other plants: Red flame sword (Echinodorus), Alternanthera Reineckii Cardinalis, four-leaf clover (Marsilea quadrifolia) and Monte Carlo on the foreground and the top of the milk quartz.  

One month later, I removed the “moss tree” as it was too close to the light.  It was full of hair algae. The potting soil substrate really works. My plants are growing well.

Now, it seems to be a little bit over grown and requires a little pruning.

My red cherry shrimps are shriving. They have been producing babies.


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